Eleutherios is inspired by the prior unity or circularity principle of reality. And, how humankind (human or non-human) are in relationship with one another or serving one another from the Heart.

What it does

Eleutherios provides a platform for humankind to presume relationship with one another and to get on with the job of serving one another or all of the sociopolitical or economic requests that people or businesses have in common. Including energy, defense, hospitality, finance, healthcare, education, food, etc.

How I built it

Eleutherios scales the customer request or forum, that people or businesses are serving in. Not the service or work that they are trying to perform.

For example, if a person is hungry and quarantined at home? They could register with Eleutherios and create a forum, for some food. A grocery store owner, could register as a service and subscribe to the forum and ask the person, what food they wanted? After listening to their request, the grocery store owner, could gather the food from their store and scale the forum, by creating a sub-forum for a delivery service to delivery the food. The delivery service, could scale the sub-forum again and create another sub-forum, for a healthcare worker to be the person, that delivers the food to the customer.

Forum (Food)
---- Service (Person or customer)
---- Service (Grocery store owner)
---- Forum (Pick up + drop off)
-------- Service (Grocery store owner or customer)
-------- Service (Fastpost couriers)
-------- Forum (Healthcare worker to deliver food)
------------ Service (Fastpost couriers or customer)
------------ Service (Healthcare worker)

This same scenario could apply to any of the person or businesses requests, including designing and building a house.

Forum (House for five, two adults and three children)
---- Service (Person or customer)
---- Service (Project manager)
---- Service (Architect)
---- Forum (Material to consider)
-------- Service (Architect)
-------- Service (Carpenter)

Or any human request, where people or businesses can gather.

Forum (Mitigating climate change)
---- Service (Person or customer)
---- Service (Climatologist)
---- Service (UN Leader)
---- Forum (Sovereign state meeting)
-------- Service (Prime minister of France)
-------- Service (Prime minister of England)

What's next for Eleutherios

  • Implement and test the payment system (Stripe), so services can pay one another.
  • Target a specific domain, such as Education, and help them develop their online industry.
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