Eleutherios (https://eleutherios.org.nz) is a platform that makes it easier for people or businesses to cooperate with one another or serve their customer's through a common forum or request.


The current human supply chain is linear or tries to scale the service or work that people or businesses are performing. For example, if a person was hungry and had $10 to buy food, they might order online and spend $5 on a pizza, $2 on a drink and $3 to have the items delivered to their house.

In this scenario the person can only scale their request or conversation for food, three times. Once for pizza, a second time for a drink and a third time for a delivery service.

The problem is the financial supply chain is forcing the food and logistic supply chain into a linear or one-to-one relationship with the service and the request.

  1. request = $5 (finance supply chain) for pizza (food supply chain)
  2. request = $2 (finance supply chain) for drink (food supply chain)
  3. request = $3 (finance supply chain) for delivery (logistic supply chain)


Serialize or circularize the supply chain by scaling the customer's forum, request or conversation that they are having with people or businesses, not the service or work that they are trying to perform.

For example, if a person was hungry and isolated at home, they could register with Eleutherios and create a forum for some food. A food store owner could register as a service in the system and subscribe to the forum and ask the person what food they wanted? The food store owner could gather the food from their store and scale the forum by creating a sub-forum for a healthcare worker to help with the delivery of the food. The healthcare worker could scale the sub-forum again and create another sub-forum for a delivery service and accompany the delivery service and be the person that delivers the food to the isolated person.

In this example, it is the forum or request that is being scaled, not the service or work that people or businesses are performing. By delegating the forum or request to services in this way, means that more than one service or supply chain (i.e. civilian, food, healthcare and logistics) can participate in the forum or request at the same time.


  1. Forum in forum (sustainability/manageability).
  2. Tags for filtering forums or services (searchable).
  3. Alerts to keep users informed when new forums or services are created in the system (notifiable).
  4. Blocking to prevent unwanted services or users from serving in forums they have been asked not to serve in or for requesting services, they have been asked not to request (accountability).
  5. Service reviews (accountability).
  6. B2B or shared processing (scalability).
  7. AI (automatable).

Eleutherios is built with an HTML/javascript (Angular) frontend and node.js (nosql/firebase) backend. https://eleutherios.org.nz

Discuss or provide feedback. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2982366048442234/

Help fix bugs or resolve issues. https://github.com/aletheon/eleutherios-alpha/issues

Make a donation to the Eleutherios open source project. https://opencollective.com/eleutherios

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