Eleutherios ( is a global cooperative forum or marketplace, where people or businesses can collaborate or serve one another, through the same customer request or forum.

For example, if a person or customer was hungry and isolated at home, they could register with Eleutherios through it’s website and create a forum for some food. A grocery store owner could register as a service in the website and subscribe to the forum and ask the person what food they wanted? The grocery store owner could gather the food from their store and scale the forum by creating a sub-forum for a healthcare worker to help with the delivery of the food. The healthcare worker could scale the sub-forum again and create another sub-forum for a delivery service and accompany the delivery service and be the person that delivers the food to the isolated person.

Forum (Food)
    Service (Person or customer)
    Service (Grocery store owner)
        Forum (Healthcare worker to deliver food)
        Service (Healthcare worker)
        Forum (Delivery service to deliver food)
            Service (Healthcare worker)
            Service (Delivery service)

This way of serving a customer is circular or indefinite, because it's the forum or conversation that is being scaled or serialized, not the service or work that people or businesses are performing. People or businesses still provide the same service or work in the world, but within the same forum or conversation.

How I built it

Eleutherios is open source:

Eleutherios is built with an HTML/javascript (Angular) frontend and node.js (nosql/firebase) backend.

Discuss or provide feedback.

Make a donation to the Eleutherios open source project.

Challenges I ran into

Help fix bugs or resolve issues.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Discovering how a circular or serialized customer request can be automated using AI.

What's next for Eleutherios

Turning Eleutherios into a business.

Built With

  • angular)
  • circular
  • html/javascript
  • node.js
  • nosql/firebase)
  • singularity
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