Our team lead Shannon O Shea has been figure skating for the past eight years. It is a sport which combines both artistry and athleticism and that's where our motto 'Quantify Elegance' stems from. The most significant element of figure skating is the jump. It makes up the largest mark of the awarded score in competition. However, in everyday training there is no objective way to measure the jump, jumps can take years to achieve, and even longer to perfect. They can often be left up to guess work for the coach and skater and can lead way to overtraining issues. A mistake on one jump alone can cause a skater to fall from first place to last. This is where the inspiration for EleSkate comes from.

What it does

EleSkate measures the most significant elements of the jump - the height, distance, speed of rotation, air time, and number of rotations. In this we we provide a full detailed analysis of the jump. The device fits seamlessly underneath the boot, avoiding impeding the athletes movements in anyway. The data obtained is displayed on EleSkate's user friendly companion app, which is built with overtraining combating display.

Challenges we ran into

Due to limitations caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, a physical copy could not be made. However, we ensured we took our virtual prototype to the most advanced stage possible. We are confident we could build a working prototype in a short amount of time when given the opportunity.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The EleSkate team was awarded 'MTU Entrepreneurs of the Year' for our device at the 2021 MTU prize for innovation. We were also chosen as 1/10 teams of 1,000 to be finalists of the Student Entrepreneur Awards 2021 run by Enterprise Ireland.

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