--A lack of water of potable water in 3rd world countries & waste of plastic water bottles.

What it does

--The adapter turns any water bottle into a filtration system. As similar to the Elequa water filtration using a mason jar, this system uses Aluminum electrodes and a Arduino to draw out pollutants in water.

How I built it

--Using the program AutoDesk Inventor, the team designed a 3D sketch and printed it using a 3D printer

Challenges I ran into

--We are inexperienced in AutoDesk, and did not understand how to do some functions. The first 3D printed model was ruined due to a glitch in the printer.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The team designed the product on a program only 3 days after learning it. Our team is consisted of first year engineering students, with other groups having more experience than us.

What I learned

We all learned about the importance of teamwork and time management. We all know to do our jobs when they are assigned so to not run out of time.

What's next for Elequa Water Adapter

We will continue to invent better adapters that will fit to any sized water bottle, any size electrode, and clean any amount of water!

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