We wanted to make eating healthy easier for Tufts students, whether it's counting calories or looking out for specific nutrients. We were first inspired when we noticed Dewick's new portion guide above every food item and thought "It's great they made visualizing a single portion easy, it would be nice if there was an easy way to keep track of everything we put on our plate". We then noticed how Tufts Dining posted up al the nutritional information for the dining halls but it's also pretty tedious to navigate their website. Given the opportunity to participate in the hackathon, we thought it'd be a great tool that could help not only us but all Tufts students. A mobile tool seemed to be the perfect way for students to track and plan meals in the dinning halls, as they could add and remove meals on the fly.

We're incredibly proud of how our app turned out in such little time and are really exited to present it. We look forward to further developing the app, both esthetically and functionally, including potential multiple preset nutrition goals.

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