In the North East region there is always an issue of Human-Elephant conflict. Many Elephants has lost their life accidentally by coming into the Railway track or even on the Road . Due to this we are not only loosing the Elephant's life but also people's life are coming into danger in these regions. So my aim is to anyhow detect the Elephants before they come into danger and then to send a message to the required department so that conflict can be prevented. .

What it does

The main aim of this project is to detect Elephants near Railway Lines or near busy roads and to send the signal to the forest department so that Human-Animal conflict can be prevented and by this we can also save the life of elephants.

How I built it

So I am making a prototype which will detect Elephant's Vibrations and using ANN (Artificial Neural Network) it will check whether the vibrations is really generated by Elephant or not. then Using IoT the prototype will send a message to the department

Challenges I ran into

Getting proper hardwares and lack of funds.

What's next for Elephant detection system

To make this project commercial

Built With

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