The lack of information about a request often leads to longer delays in providing an answer. Yet providing the required level of details to Jira Service Desk agents can be quite challenging for customers.

By connecting Jira Service Desk to external datasources such as the client's CRM, Asset Manager or User Directory, our app Elements Connect aims at reducing the time support agents and JSD customers loose fishing for information and improve customer satisfaction.

What it does

Elements Connect brings external data inside Jira forms, wether it comes from a CRM, an Asset Management System or a User directory. You can customize how data is displayed to match your use-case.

How we built it

We used the Atlassian Connect framework to build the app

Challenges we ran into

Creating a seamless integration within Jira Service Desk was quite challenging. Performances and security are also critical to us and our customers. We focused a lot on those key subjects.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to create a seamless integration in Jira Service Desk forms. Jira Service Desk customers barely notice the difference between Elements Connect items and regular Jira fields.

What we learned

We have learnt that the Jira Cloud platform is full of promises but also quite challenging for a team used build apps for Jira Server and Datacenter.

We feel grateful for the advises and help we've received from the Marketplace team and Ecosystem community. Thanks to CDAC, the Appweek in Scottsdale AZ and few Slack channels, all our burning questions have found answers!

What's next for Elements Connect

The next versions of Elements Connect will bring several improvement like an extended datasource support (i.e.: Active Directories, more databases or REST APIs). We'll listen to our first users feedback to shape the product that perfectly fits their needs. We have already receive constructive feedback on our support portal.

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