We loved the idea of being able to manipulate your surroundings and also wanted a challenge using the unity3d engine and hardware! With a little coaxing of information, it isn't difficult to see that we decided to create a world where we could "bend" our own elements and attack a tree/boulder/second player styled similarly to the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender or Korra.

Each of the different elements controlled were modeled after real martial arts. So in order to mimic actual bending, we had to figure out how to mimic these martial arts. Distilling down the uses of the Myo, we were able to determine speeds and actions that would allow the user to control all 4 elements similarly to how they're used in the show. Ultimately, we'd like to be able to allow the user to directly simulate the actions found in the show!

We think our best target users are those who watch/grew up watching Avatar and any other Korra season thereafter. We're proud of our minimalistic, lowpoly game design as well as our use of myo to interact with the VR environment! Lastly, we're particularly fond of each of the different elements. They boast element specific physics and interactions all programmed individually. Take virtual reality to the next level and be a master of all four elements!

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