As innovators in the field of Computer Science and Freshmen at the University of California, San Diego, we love to creative creative and impactful material that others can appreciate, while also working with incredible hardware and software that is currently on the leading edge of technological innovation. Working with Leap Motion, the Oculus Rift, and Myo Armbands was undoubtedly unforgettable as we appreciated the vast capabilities suddenly available to us.

We wrote this program for the imaginative, the creative, those who wish to explore and reach their full potential, by providing a virtual environment where almost anything is possible. Through capturing the elements of fire, water, earth, and air, the player can interact with a gorgeous landscape created by our team in Unity, and achieve any number of dreams through these capabilities. Virtual reality and the Oculus Rift makes the experience all the more real for the gamer, and for us as developers, through complete and thorough immersion into our project. By spreading fingers, the user can shoot flaming fireballs into the distance, launch boulders that collide with surroundings and roll across the landscape, fly with the power of air, or create a flowing fountain of water from the hand. With a flick of the wrist, the user has changed elements, and can interact with the simulation entirely hands-free.

We approached it with dedication, excitement, and a desire to make a difference that kept us going to the end, and we hope that Elemagic will have an equal effect on those who play. For us, the goal was to maximize the capability of the hardware available, and truly reach our full potential and let the user enjoy everything that this technology had to offer. The sandbox design gives the user complete freedom, just like we had while making the game, and we can only hope that those who interact with Elemagic can have the same experience that we did.

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