Has your wife been passively angry at you? Do you feel unsure? Well, I can't help you.... in most cases. But if you are looking to buy clothes soon. My app can help you locate & purchase clothes that fits well with other pieces in your wardrobe.


Presenting Élégance! Customers take or upload the picture of any piece of attire and my app recommend products that will look make you look FASHIONABLE. Then I allow the user to buy the product off amazon.

Key Features

Extracting vibrant and mute colors from photos. Constructing histograms of photos to find the color of a piece of attire Understanding a picture through clarifai. Matching T-Shirts with Pants & Pants with T-Shirts. Matching colors using the Delta E color difference formula. Finding contrasting colors via a triad formula. (Similar to one Adobe uses) Using the Amazon API for search & affiliate sales.


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