The thing that inspired me to create this project is the power of God’s creation in the atmosphere that protects the earth from all kinds of meteorites or external strikes of the atmosphere.

What it does

It a transparent wall or shield of electromagnetic energy, can repel gun fir and electrocute aggressive human body ( with out harming him).

How we built it

I built this project by different programs, like Blinder program and 3Ds program, that make me draw my project.

Challenges we ran into

Actually, I did not face any difficulties or challenges when I was creat this project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That I create this project in the way I wanted it.

What we learned

We learn that how we can creat any project in a short time, even If I were a student or an employee.

What's next for Electromagnetic shield

Maybe after this project I will creat several protection devices differently help to protect the largest number of people.

Built With

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posted an update

One of the characteristics of the electromagnetic plate is that it takes a thermal image of the place to be protected and identifies objects with large coverage of the body, and then after the event the device classifies people into groups and begins to identify objects that may be present in places with high coverage: 1- If the body is in a state of curvature or Steadfastness with focus for a period of more than 60 seconds 2- Carrying a weapon with it, then the device increases the power generation and takes a panoramic picture of the aggressor and activates alarms in the event that the bullets are fired increased to alert the attendees and senior officials to speed up to leave this place because the attack is increasing and then also sounds sirens Highly effective to alert guards and security men to station in this point or this area.

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