Electrodynamics on a regular surface is well known and has been simulated before -- now what about on a torus? As envoys from Burnside, we investigate this question of a debatable utility.

What it does

Here is a simulation of electrodynamic forces on the surface of a flat torus! You can view the surface in both intrinsic and extrinsic (embedded in 3D) views. Add positive and negative charges by clicking on the screen in intrinsic view, and visualize their movement and the resulting electric field on the torus. Check it out!

How we built it

We built this purely using JavaScript, using the p5.js library. The website and styling were made using HTML / CSS.

Challenges we ran into

The expression for the forces involves an infinite sum, so we had to do some truncations and see how that turned out. Otherwise, sleep deprivation.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

The UI is decently aesthetic and easy to use!

What's next

Try this on more useless surfaces, like the Riemann sphere!

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