Chanyoung came up with the resolve to find a solution to the problem of standby energy, which is energy that is wasted since the circuit doesn't do anything. For example, a computer charger that is plugged in to the outlet but not plugged in the computer is making standby energy.

What it does

When a touch sensor is toggled, what it does is turn to whole circuit on or off. It turns it off from the base of the outlet, in our prototype, the power strip.

How we built it

First, we augmented a power strip by soldering a solid state breaker into the power strip. We then setup a mechanism using the Intel Edison that would toggle the breaker on or off, which in turn toggles the whole power strip on or off

Challenges we ran into.

The initial methods that we came up with to solve this problem and proceed with our hack were very crude and unpractical.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning how to use hardware that we have never used before

What we learned

How to use Intel Edison and how to use a breaker

What's next for Electro Break

Design a smaller a more compact prototype that will be able to be mass produced at a very cheap cost.

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