Like Walkscore/Transit Score .. simplify and provide a notion of how electric car friendly a particular location is.

What it does

Provides you an simple and accurate score to indicate how a particular apartment/location is electric car friendly This App gives a score which represents the reachability of a location from a starting point for an electric car based on different factors. This score can help the commuter to decide whether he/she should undertake the journey. Higher the score , more are the chances that his/her car's charge won't run out.

How I built it

The app uses backend server on Azure which takes in the source and destination and returns an "Electric Score". This app has a web and an iOS version and is integrated with Redfin housing search thru tampermonkey chrome extension.

Challenges I ran into

The algorithm to get the accurate score and to refine to handle number of parameters. Had to tested multiple times to refine it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Got one of the most accurate "Electric Score" and range prediction with number of variables like speed, elevation, temperature and were able to display it on two platforms.

What I learned

Building an End to end service and front end with number of complex parameters

What's next for ElectricScore

Better UI and design, Integrate with apartment search and include more parameters. Also give an option to select car type.

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