I've always enjoyed playing music. I play piano, guitar, saxaphone, and drums. A few years ago, I really wanted a new guitar but wasn't able to afford one. I thought "Why not build one myself?" and this project was born. This guitar was inspired by PRS guitars, as can be seen from the similarly styled body.


I started with a kit of materials I found online and purchased for around $100. I received two wooden pieces roughly shaped to the body and neck, pickups, hardware, and everything else I would need to build the guitar


I spent over 60 hours building the guitar. Though the majority of the time was spent sanding the guitar body and neck, large portions of time were also allocated to painting, hardware soldering, and assembly.


By doing this project, I did not only end up with a beautiful playing guitar, but also practiced wood shop and circuit skills. Now, the guitar remains a proud accomplishment that I play from time to time. It was also featured in one of my videos here, around 1:20.

Built With

  • circuits
  • machine-shop
  • music
  • wood-shop
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