We were inspired by the idea of hands on electrical and construction work to integrate art into technology.

What it does

This device plays songs using glass bottles with different water volume levels run on an electric circuit.

How we built it

 We constructed the shell of the box using laser cutting technology in the maker space. We made incisions for gears and piping. We assembled the gears to be hooked up to Arduino motors which opened and closed airfoils in the box like flaps. If a flap was opened, it released air into a pipe that blew air into one of the glass bottles to play a note. All of this was coded into Arduino to play songs to fill people's hearts.

Challenges we ran into

 Trapping air into the box for a high-pressure environment for sounds
 Time constraints
 Getting the bottle volumes to exact pitches

Accomplishments that we're proud of

 The overall structure and circuitry of the box
 The idea itself

What we learned

 Skills with laser cutting
 Setting up Arduino circuits
 Temam building and innovative process

What's next for Electric Bottle Organ

 Hopefully expanding to a larger range of notes
 Scanning in a series of numbers or letter s and playing out unique corresponding melodies
 better synchronization between adjoining Arduino circuit boards


Hardware and STEAM

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