The worst part about getting up in the morning is making coffee while you are half-asleep and wishing you were still in bed. This made me ask, why can't I have coffee already waiting for me right when I get out of bed? So i developed an idea, why don't I modify a coffee maker to have its own Twitter account. That way you can tweet the coffee maker from your bed. This way you will have hot coffee ready as soon you get up!

What it does

The Electric Bean Coffee is a IoT coffee maker that connects to WiFi and has its own Twitter account. Whenever tweeted at to make coffee it begins brewing some coffee right away.

How I built it

To build this project we used several hardware and software components. To monitor the tweets we used a Stdlib Twitter API which is accessed using Python. As for hardware we used a Raspberry Pi which runs our python code and controls an Arduino. We used a DigiKey servo to control the modded coffee machine

Challenges I ran into

We were all new to using Arduino. This proved challenging because we had to overcome many challenging getting software to play well with the hardware

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to complete our first attempt at a hardware hack and venture into the expanding world of IoT

What I learned

A lot about hardware and and extracting JSON objects in python using Stdlib

What's next for Electric Beans -- IoT Twitter Coffee Machine

Creating a more visually appeal product

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