Electri-City is a gender-neutral toy that aims to break down gender stereotypes, avoiding prejudices by introducing children to STEM from a young age.

Electri-City currently has 3 main components, which can either represent part of a city's infrastructure or electrical component from a circuit. These are:

Ellie the LED

Ellie looks like a house but will light up when connected to Matty.

Matty the battery

Matty looks like a power station, and contains a coin cell that provides energy for the circuit.

Aya the wire

Aya is a road and she can help to connect any other components together.

Electri-City components are designed to be environmentally sustainable. The pieces are predominantly wooden and Matty can be opened up to replace the battery, avoiding having to replace components often. This reduces waste and saves on cost for the consumer.

Small components such as the LED have been set in resin to make them bigger and more difficult for young children to swallow.

To ensure that Ellie is always connected the right way in the circuit, all components attach magnetically, so if a child tries to insert Ellie in the wrong way the magnets will repel. Another advantage of using magnets is that a strong connection is made, ensuring the current will flow.

I hope to expand Electri-City in the future by making more components available or by creating follow up kits for older children, helping them to continue on their journey through STEM.

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