Recently, many people have been using Twitter as a platform to voice their opinions about candidates in this upcoming election. We wanted to analyze and visualize that data, providing people another platform to discuss solely the election.

What it does

Analyzes sentiment of tweets about the election to provide people more insight into the coming elections by plotting charts and graphs of tweets about the election. It also acts as a new and unique platform to discuss about the election.

How I built it

Retrieved tweets about the election using PubNub and performed sentiment analysis on them using the HP Haven On Demand API. We used the JSON returned by the API to plot the charts and graphs using EON.js

Challenges I ran into

  • Deciding the best way to visualize the data
  • Getting the random avatars for messaging
  • Displaying the tweets

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • The real time list of tweets fetched from PubNub

What I learned

  • Tweets can be fetched without having to use OAuth

What's next for Election Sentiment

  • User authentication and authorization

Built With

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