In a year with too many presidential candidates, finding the best person to vote for is difficult. Since we are too busy to follow every candidate and listen to their speeches, we need an intelligent system to analyze their statements and vote on our behalf

What it does

Watson elections reads the statements from all presidential candidates and analyzes the text using the Watson Tone Analyzer service. Through linguistic analysis we can rank the candidates according to emotional and social language cues.

How we built it

Using the Twitter API, direct text input from the candidate web sites, and the Watson Tone Analyzer service. Hosting on Bluemix and also

Challenges we ran into

The system is not able yet to predict the results of the election

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works!

What we learned

In the near future, computers will be voting on our behalf

What's next for Watson Elections

Watson decides who will be our next president

Built With

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