Inspiration: Real world problems, to solve problems in a simple way, making the processes easier, simpler and more efficient.

What it does: The top feature of the application is to allow the user to scan a barcode on any electric product, and it will give the user information about the product, with recommendations and prediction about the consumption of the energy and the price.

How we built it: Used Justinmind to create the prototype, Barcode generator, and ionic.

Challenges we ran into: Trying to choose an idea from many ideas, and trying to make it as simple as possible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Reaching to the result in around 20 hours.

What we learned: Managing time and trying to find solutions to every problem we faced in the shortest time. working under the pressure. Learnt a lot from people around and mentors, thinking in many different ways.

What's next for Elec Tech: Many features will be added to the application, that helps the user and make his life easier. it allows the user to compare scanned devices, control all the electronic devices and know more informations about it; for example: lifespan. It will allow the user to scan to discover all IoT devices in the room. also it will show the energy consumed.

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