Around the world, over 18 million people of all ages have cerebral palsy. Being a motor disability, in most cases it often leads to the person being dependent on a caregiver for their lifetime. Children with CP require special ongoing care, and of complex nature, comprising a great challenge for their caregivers. Within that context, the need to provide greater attention to the health of the caregivers arises, since the special care rendered to the child with CP decreases their free time, increase the anxiety and depression indexes, as well as reduce the quality of life of their caregivers which has been shown by studies. Indeed, scientific works have reported that routine activity is consuming for the caregiver, unleashing several levels of stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and physical symptoms, such as low-back pain and hypertension. The plight of CP caregivers around the world was the motivation behind EleaCP

What it does

EleaCP is an online platform with four main functions; self-diagnose, access therapy, find jobs and build a community. With professional help and extensive research we designed simple questionnaires which can help you diagnose your or your child's motor, communicative, dependability and muscle strength levels to understand what therapies your child might need as well as an idea on what equipment or mobility aids they might need in the future. We provide online guided therapy videos as well as plan on developing an app were you can customize your daily therapies based on your child's needs, find jobs (for the caregiver or caree) depending on your skillset and we wish to build a community full of inclusiveness, support and care!

How we built it

We designed a project proposal including extensive research on each of the areas we previously mentioned and how to implement each of this services in real life. Based on this, we created a prototype on Replit of the website and Figma to have an idea of the design which focused on a minimalistic, easy to use interface.

Challenges we ran into

Like every other website, we had our fair share of technical hurdles which we were able to overcome. We also had a few creative differences which we could tackle amongst ourselves.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of the fact that EleaCP is the only service in the world to cater to cerebral palsy caregivers. We're glad we could understand their struggles and make something to assist them. EleaCP being totally FREE is also an accomplishment we're very proud of. This'll allow us to reach as many people as possible.

What we learned

We enhanced our front end development skills as well as learnt working on Figma. Since, most of us were first timers. We also developed our researching skills and learnt a lot about cerebral palsy and the caregiver community worldwide.

What's next for EleaCP: A haven for cerebral palsy caregivers

Our vision is to become a trusted medical assistance and resource service in the field of cerebral palsy.We wish to take Elea at a national level in our respective countries. We wish to enhance our brand by cultivating partnerships with other companies in the field of assistive tech.We aim to market our service to as many people as possible by maintaining a strong social media presence and make lives worldwide easier and happier.

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