During our final year of college, for a final project, we spoke to older individuals about their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. These individuals were often feeling lonely since their loved ones no longer lived with them and since they could no longer participate in volunteering opportunities. Since COVID-19 can be deadly to adults 65+ years old, these individuals also feared going outside for regular everyday tasks such as grocery shopping. We hoped to create a product that would help out one of societies most knowledgeable and selfless populations during this rough period of time.

What it does

Eldy-Bot is designed to aid the most vulnerable populations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to help older individuals gather necessities during the pandemic with messages such as "Eldy, I need someone to go grocery shopping for me." or "Eldy, I need water.", Eldy-Bot can provide the user with a list of nearby people who have any of the requested items or that can provide any of the requested services.

In order to help older individuals to create meaningful connections and therefore fight loneliness with a message such as "Eldy, I feel lonely.", Eldy-Bot can help the user connect with people based on their intersecting interests/hobbies.

Eldy-Bot also has the ability to answer COVID-19 related questions that older adults may have such as: "Eldy, I have a kidney disease, what actions should I take in order to be safe?" or "Eldy, what's the status of COVID-19 at 777 Brockton Avenue, Abington MA 2351?".

How I built it to identify the intents and entities of a user sentence.

Airtable Forms to allow good samaritans to submit information about the products and services they have available as well as what their hobbies and interests if they wish to connect with an older individual.

Airtable API to retrieve data (stored from form submissions) in order to craft a response to the users request.

Flask to handle web requests.

Heroku to deploy our product.

Challenges I ran into

We were initially using Glitch to deploy our product; however, since it recently stopped allowing pinging services we had to switch out entire code base to Heroku.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

  • How to create chat bots that can provide accurate responses regardless of the phrasing of a sentence.
  • How to train to identify specific intents and entities.
  • How to integrate the messenger service to a Facebook page.
  • How to use Airtable forms to create a database that stores user information submitted via a form and how to retrieve that information using Airtable APIs.

What's next for Eldy-Bot

We would love to further develop Eldy-Bot identify any organizations that

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