Our hack was inspired by the need for a service that would improve the lives of elderly patients and make their care easier to manage from a distance. This application improves the quality of life of seniors, by reducing the hassle of having to physical walk and wait to deliver and receive their files.

What it does

Eldochain, which stands for Elderly Document Blockchain, allows for better patient care through an easy to use and secure blockchain. It enables specialists and surgeons to request medical files and documents from family doctors and retirement homes.

Eldochain is a revolutionary system. It allows data to be shared in a matter of seconds between patients and doctors. A specialist could request and receive their patient's medical records in no time. It allows for patient information to be to be delivered faster, smarter and better. Something no other app can provide.

Eldochain enables the health care system to provide much better care, as patient information is available as soon as it is requested. Inclusively, it prevents the elderly from having to schedule an appointment and go through the hassle of physically going to an appointment simply to approve the release of their medical records.

This is now possible with the simple tap of a button - not just for the elderly, but for their families as well. Remotely, family members can quickly approve necessary treatments ensuring that their loved one gets the care they need right away.

That's Eldochain - Building the chain to ease your pain

How we built it

The way the app works:

A doctor requests a patient's file. The application then asks for approval from either the patient or if they are not able to provide consent then a message will be sent out to their family. Once the app has received approval the specialist that asked for the file is granted access to view it. Additionally, if there is a need for payment the Hospital or Retirement Home performing the procedure will request payment from the Insurance Company, who will then be able to pay the institutions through the blockchain.

The user receives a message on their phone or through email of the file the doctor has accessed.

We built the blockchain using hyperledger fabric, the middleware was programmed in Node.js, and the frontend was done with bootstrap.

Challenges we ran into

The framework we used, Hyperledger fabric, was new to us so we had to learn to use it as we went. However, it was challenging and fun to learn something new.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Learning to program the various components of blockchain, and working as a team to develop the intricacies of the system. We are also very proud of our great team ethic that allowed us to accomplish this task together.

What we learned

We learned how to work with Hyperledger fabric framework, along with using Node.Js framework to implement various aspects of our hack.

What's next for Eldochain

We believe that Eldochain could pave the future for document sharing systems around the world. While right now, the app is simply used to transfer medical records, it could very easily be extended to do more than just that, such as: applications in other file systems, banking systems, and the education system.

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