The different needs and resources of the elderly and the young. The need for support and sense of community during the pandemic time. Treasure hunt. AR technology.

What it does

Elderlife is an app designed to help the elderly aging in place have a better lifestyle. It uses the concept of “ordering a person” to help out a task that is relatively harder for older adults to do on their own. We target young volunteers such as high school students to perform simple tasks that do not require professional skills, for instance going grocery shopping for the other adults, taking them on walks, taking out the trash for them, etc.

Elderlife provides entertainment for the elderly and allows them to design their own “treasure hunt” game. The elderly get to list the tasks they need help with, and choose the rewards the volunteers get in return for completing those tasks. While this makes the system more interesting for older adults, this would also benefit the volunteers. Elderlife provides volunteer opportunities for younger people like high school students. It allows volunteers to have fun while volunteering, and they can also gain volunteering hours. It would be a source of entertainment for both the young people and the elderly community.

When you enter the app you will see two options. One for the elderly and one for volunteers. And a huge calendar on the bottom that doesn’t really do anything. Verified accounts labeled elderly will go to the elderely tab to create tasks for volunteers to complete for them. Under Elderly tab there will be options to create a new task, location address, and virtual prize for the volunteer. You will be able to clear tasks when the task is completed. Under the Volunteer tab, there is an option that brings you to the map where you can view the prizes with the locations. Once you select the prize you would like to receive then the task required for the prize will appear. Once the task is completed, the prize can be collected.

This platform is important especially during the pandemic time. This is a source of entertainment for both youths and the elderly. The younger population can give back to society while still enjoying a treasure hunt game. This treasure hunting game can be a source of stress relief for elderlies because they can take part by deciding the treasure they give. Even with people social distancing, it will work for some of the tasks. The grocery drop-off, lawn-mowing, and other tasks that would not require direct contact. This is another way to create more connections for the elderly and the community and. Virtual gaming can help the elderly feel more connected to the community. This feature would also help save a lot of money for them, especially for poorer communities that may not have the best healthcare or insurance plans. This is a way to support each other in the community right now and in the future during the pandemic and combating isolation. Though these volunteers may not entirely take over the position of a caregiver, Elderlife can definitely take some tasks off the shoulders of the elderlies.

How I built it

Elderlife is designed to be an android app (Android studio) with features including GPS and AR (EchoAR, Unify, GitHub).

Challenges I ran into

Team members had to balance hackathon with other important commitments. Team members with little knowledge in computer science had to learn how to use EchoAR and how to load it into an app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Everyone has his or her own skills that are complementary to one another. We worked really hard as a team, cooperated really well with each other even though our work styles were very different. We made friends and learned a lot from this Hackathon.

Our app not only addresses the wellbeing of elderly, but also helps form community bond and advocates for a new lifestyle in the aging population.

What I learned

The problems and opportunities in healthcare and the technologies available to make it better.

What's next for ElderlyLife

We will keep improving this app, add new features, and make it available to the elderly.

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