When we were brainstorming ideas for this hackathon one of our guiding questions was "What demographic could we help the most with the technology we have here?". While several options were considered, we all agreed that the elderly could use the most help. While modern-day smartphones, laptops, and tablets have amazing capabilities, many elderly people face the problem of not being able to understand the interface of accessing them.

We were able to get an Amazon Echo, Intel Edison, and an Arduino for this hackathon and we though a voice-based interface would help cross this accessibility barrier. This tool currently has two main capabilities: managing a list of medications to take and fall detection. Using the arduino we wrote a script that detects rapid changes in acceleration and triggers the Echo to ask if the user is okay, and if not, is able to call whoever is necessary (note: this is not currently enabled but could be in the future with Twilio integration). For those who aren't able to keep track of all of their medications, we built a tool that allows a user to create a list for them. Future work on this project may include calendar integration and personal medication inventory tracking.

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