The current number of people aged 65 or older is estimated to be 698 million people. These individuals have multiple comorbidities that would often need medical attention or some of may have mental health issues. However, with the current pandemic going on, the elderly are advised to stay home to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

How do these individuals see their doctors and have care provided for them? How can they monitor their medication usage when they are isolated without needing to neglect their autonomy for their own health? How can loved ones monitor these patients?

What it does

Digital monitoring and care service for the elderly people living at home with their family!

  1. Keep track of daily mental and physical health
  2. Set up Appointment & Virtual Visiting
  3. Medication Reminders & Recorder

How we built it

Python for the web, Balsamiq for the UI/UX design

Challenges we ran into

Communication with different team member who has different timezone The understanding gap of how the elderly are facing

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Teamwork solution for the problems

What we learned

Taking care of the elderly is important and need to be done by following medical guidance.

What's next for ElderlyCare

Do patient interview, get a solid understanding of how our solution can really help them.

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