One of the team members grandfathers went blind after slipping and hitting his spinal cord, going from a completely independent individual to reliant on others for everything. The lack of options was upsetting, how could a man who was so independent be so severely limited by a small accident. The technology to solve these problems exist but a lack of engineering effort means no options exist in today's market. We hope to help our team member's grandfather and others like him regain his independence by making a tool that is affordable, efficient, and liberating.

What it does

Elderly Vibrations utilizes Internet of Things(IoT), open source hardware and API's to make the world more accessible for blind elderly people. Android Studio controls extrapolated 3D features using monocular vision. In addition, Android Studio provides a variety of packages and bluetooth solutions to alert the user of possible dangers in their path of travel. Arduino Uno and ESP 32 are used to enhance the connectivity of bluetooth to pass data from the user to the interface. The Arduino connects to two DC motors with home-made counter weights to generate vibrations that prevent the user from walking into unexpected objects.

How I built it

  • Android Studio
  • Arduino Uno and kits associated
  • ESP32
  • Orb Slam

Challenges I ran into

  • Circuitry Issues
  • Android Studio Logic
  • Finding the right circuit board
  • Creating a mount for the circuit

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Cool looking GUI in Android
  • Finding creative solutions for motor weight, circuit mount, etc.
  • Sticking through with our idea no matter the difficulties

What I learned

  • Using open source API's
  • How different PCB's work
  • How to incorporate hardware and software together

What's next for Elderly Vibrations

  • 3D Printed case for circuit
  • One board rather than two
  • Collision Detection
+ 165 more
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