We were inspired by DubHacks mission of social impact and in particular, the first challenge of redesigning a tool to allow accessibility to all. We focused on marginalized populations who were usually left out of the advances of technology and decided to focus on the elderly population, who have increasingly limited ways of getting around.

What it does

Our app helps the elderly get around by giving them a simple interface that will minimize confusions as well as accommodating the elderly with vision and motor control problems they may have due to age.

How I built it

We decided to use Lyft’s API to request and dispatch rides, AWS for our backend, React for our front end, and Sketch to design high fidelity prototypes.


A big problem we had was trying to set up React on all our teammates computers, it was difficult to make sure we had all the dependencies and so on. In addition, it was difficult to know what we needed until we got further along because of considerations we didn’t think of in the short planning period.


I’m proud that we were able to hook up so many different tools to create our project and be able to execute something we never would have thought possible in such a short time period.

What I Learned

Plan ahead more next time. In addition, make sure we all are on the same page with technologies before trying to implement separately.

What’s Next

I think we’ll try and focus our efforts on not only branding it toward the elderly, but anyone who may suffer from disabilities related to vision or lack of motor control.

Check ElderLift Out Here name

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