My teammate Alex came up with the idea and we both really love old school role player rpgs so it was an instant hit. This is our first hackathon so we sure were in for a surprise staying up coding for 19 hours nonstop. sorry for the bad name i didnt sleep so creativity is at an all time low.

What it does

This is a game that you can have some old school nostalgia with. Its a classic dnd like dungeon crawler inspired by our favorite gaming franchise, the elder scrolls

How I built it

we used java libraries, and we also wrote a discord bot to implement with it but never got to connect the two

Challenges I ran into

not knowing how to make a socket of client server between a node js discord bot and a java program

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

we successfully completed our original idea and powered through over 1000 lines of code in 24 hours

What I learned

how to make a discord bot and how to make a sick throwback rpg game

What's next for Elder Scrolls Dungeon Crawler

we plan on integrating the game with our discord bot that is hosted on amazon web services so that anyone in the discord channel can play an awesome game of Elder Scrolls Dungeon Crawler! we also hope to integrating this game with voice commands through the google home devices! maybe even amazon echos!

Built With

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