Elbeco was searching for a full Marketing and e-Commerce experience, one that could be powerful and complete, yet easy to use. Our approach was to combine both Hubspot and Shopify into one since Shopify was mandatory.

What it does

The site allows the user to:

  • Add products to the Wishlist. Wishlist
  • Check featured products. Homepage
  • Find a dealer. Find a Dealer
  • Access a private area with resources or approved Dealers. Private Area
  • Find Careers opportunities. Careers
  • ...and much more.

How we built it

Elbeco’s site was built with the Hubspot CMS and it’s fully integrated with the Shopify experience. The integration includes multiple levels: Users can choose Shopify features inside Hubspot CMS, Shopify scroller, and Shopify Wishlist inside CMS.

The site’s homepage includes two different categories (Men’s and Women’s), it offers dynamic content and CTA’s. The section “Popular Products” is also fully integrated using the Shopify API.

For a seamless and immersive customer experience, the header and the footer were moved from the CMS to Shopify, so the user doesn’t feel any difference moving from different platforms.

The site combines analytics between CMS and Shop, to correlate sales data with website usage data. It also includes Conversion tracking and lead generation workflow between CMS landing pages -> Leads nurture -> Send to shop -> Conversion.

The site also offers more complex features, including Landing Pages and a custom Blog. This showcases the benefit of using the Hubspot CMS: within one platform, your site can display different types of content that you may need.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges we faced while developing the site include: defining the project’s Infrastructure; adapting the latest market trends; research new technologies, design and develop new solutions and test them to ensure integration.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Today, Elbeco supplies more than 2 million uniforms to over 17,000 federal, state, and local government agencies and private companies. We know a uniform is more than just clothing, and create thoughtfully designed products that enhance performance, comfort, and safety.

With Elbeco's website’s most recent update, we have managed to: increase user-friendliness; introduce a solid database and identify user needs with accuracy; identify areas for modification and changes, within a short span of time; create a seamless integration between Shopify and Hubspot CMS; design and develop a platform, which resulted in improved general performance and created a data analysis pipeline that increased efficiency.

What's next for Elbeco - CMS, HubDB, Shopify Integration, Geo-Location...

Based on Elbeco's requirements, we are continually developing and improving the platform using the following available technologies: Hubspot CMS, Hubspot Landing Pages, Hubspot CTA’s, Hubspot Email, Hubspot Hubdb, Hubspot Automation, Shopify API, Shopify GraphQL, OpenStreetMaps API/Leaflet.

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