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Owen Wolf: (626) - 627 - 2390 email: Pedro Lopez: (323) - 348 - 7164 email: Luis Nava: (323) - 636 - 7614 email:

Problem: While google maps has a very detailed outline of the majority of the world’s roadways, it still lacks finer detail in the pathways/alleyways of several major campuses. These maps also lack the alert of blocked pathways during construction, which can be an inconvenience, and areas that should be avoided due to past crime history.

Solution: Using google maps API, we intended to expand the map of our college campus on google maps to include trails and alleyways and a feature to report crimes and construction to output a convenient path for the user to get from one class to another. The reported crimes will include the time or reporting, classification of crime, a description subjective to the user, and also whether it was officially reported to the sheriff’s or not, calling the attention of the campus sheriff’s department for closer monitoring of the location and a warning for all other users. To report construction, the starting time and tentative scheduled end time (if any) will be required. The data yielded by these reports will be taken into consideration in the creation of a convenient path for the user.

Experience Level: SB Hacks is not only the first beach-side hackathon, it is also our first hackathon and first time collaborating on a project together. Our skill set ranges from a tier similar to second-year college students: familiarity with object-oriented programming and design, very slight knowledge of web development, and use of local hosting a database. Several of us have picked up on language(s) we had no experience programming in to contribute to the final product.

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