Coronavirus will change the way we live, work and learn. With social distancing being a reality that is here to stay, the industrial revolution 4.0 will accelarate.

Physical distances, lack of economical resources or time hampers the development of the profesional skills required in the 4.0 industrial revolution.

Ever wanted to get your hands on a 3D printer but training is too expensive, too far or too time consuming? MyLab3D gives you access to a 3M-worth 3D printing lab. Learn 3D printing with real-world challenges at your pace, where you want, when you want.

## What it does

MyLab3D is a virtual 3D printing lab. It provides any 3D printing passionate the chance to learn by doing real-world cases with machinery of a cost of more than 3Mio euros. Moreover, given that it is a virtual platform, it is accessible to anyone with access to a computer: no schedules, no geographical restrictions. The price will allow access to the 4.0 industrial market place to low income populations.

MyLab3D will allow students to gain hours of exposure to otherwise expensive and geographically restricted equipment. Students will be given projects where they will develop different 3D printing and soft skills. There will be a virtual professor that will guide and support the student through the different challenges, ensuring the acquisition of the technical knowledge. After completion of the course, the student will feel ready and with the necessary skills to access the 3D printing job market.

## How I built it

We first identified a painful problem: learn industry 4.0 technologies by doing real projects while being locked down due to the Coronavirus. We then carried our a market research to understand what it already exists, what works and what it's not working. We also did a survey to +27 people that allowed us to validate some important hypothesis. From here, we have developed a business model canvas and brainstormed ideas on how to come up with a MVP. We then designed a prototype that is ready to be tested.

## Challenges I ran into

The challenges to which we respond are: (1) Lack of highly demanded professionals, such as 3D printing, IoT or Robotics professionals; (2) Impossibility to go to physical places to learn these technologies due to the Coronavirus; (3) Difficulty to learn industry 4.0 technologies (even in normal circumstances) due to the scarcity of courses, high cost, companies to do internships far away from your region, and lack of labs in Europe with advanced and expensive industrial equipment where students can experiment and learn by doing

## Accomplishments that I'm proud of

MyLab3D helps to close the gap between the urgent need of trainned staff and the unaccesibility of the trainning for the majority of European population. MyLab3D decreases the need of in-person training. MyLab3D provides access to industry 4.0 experiential learning to any passionate professional, no matter where this person is located The newly created "COVID-19 3D printing virtual course" will allow professionals learn 3D printing through real COVID-19 applications MyLab3D facilitates access to training and material that due to the high costs would be unfeasible for many people. All this has been carried out thanks to the synergies created and based on collaborative multidisciplinary work (education, 3D printing, marketing, app development, 3D model expertise). And the personal and professional involvement of the entire team.

## What I learned

We have become aware of all the repercussions that the current crisis is having on the different people, areas, contexts, etc. and we have taken a proactive approach by trying to solve one of them. We learned how to implement lean startup strategies and tools into a 2 days hackathon, rapid prototyping, work in a multidisciplinary team, project management and communication.

## What's next for MyLab3D

Virtual Labs for other 4.0 industry domains (ex: robotics, IoT, EV...)

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