The American Election has become a stale and dull battle of words instead of a legitimate close race to the finish. We aim to put the fun back into the election.

What it does

This application compares potential presidential candidates from anyone stored in the database.

How I built it

We used an access database with a python script pulling information from it based off of a HTTP GET request from the main webpage containing search bars. The database is quieried by the python and then the response is sent back up to the database to be used by the graphs and statistics tables by which you can compare the 2 potential candidates.

Challenges I ran into

The database and the formatting of the JSON strings that were fetched with the HTTP GET were a pain. The compatability with python and the database was also difficult.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It almost worked! The data was fetched from the database being queried by the search terms from the web page, then sent back up to the webpage. However the query was not formatted correctly and took too much debugging to fix fully.

What I learned

Compatability is key. Use whatever is most compatible and you'll have a much easier time.

What's next for El Presidente

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