💭 Inspiration

With COVID-19, people all around the world have begun feeling mental health effects from all the changes going on in their lives. One target audience that has been severely impacted is also college students because they are in such a high pressure environment and can begin to feel isolated with COVID-19 rules and regulations. We looked at data that showed the decline of mental health in college students and the increase in anxiety, depression, and loneliness during this past year and a half with COVID-19 and we wanted to create something that could help. We were inspired by mental health apps that provide a way for people to work on themselves on their own and on their own time. As a student, you're pretty busy with classes and your schedule changes so it is not usually the same as others and we want it something that students could do on their own at whatever time suited them.

✨ What it does

Eko is a mental health app specifically for college students to track and manage their mental health on a daily basis. This app works by taking daily mood assessment of the student to understand how they're feeling and then provides different courses or activities based on how they're doing. Students can then progress in their growth path and learn more about their mental health. Additionally, Eko provides students with a community focused around mental health where they can participate in forums, group chats, and speak with the verified therapists, if needed.

⚙️ How we built it

We built and designed this entire app on Figma.

🛑 Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge was narrowing down which features to prioritize in this app because we had a lot of features that we wanted to include that could help more people, however, we chose to keep our app simple and intuitive and then expand later. It was important that we overcome this challenge at the very beginning of developing and designing this project because we didn't want to get too deep into the project to put in more time and effort and then have to go back and remove everything that we had already worked on because it was too complex. We decided to focus specifically on the sense of community and individual, daily mood improvers.

🏆 Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of flushing out all of the different components of this app that we had hoped to do in this timeframe so that we can display how the app works as a whole. Creating this app from scratch and narrowing down our scope from something so broad into this tailored, focused mental health app for students really stands out to us as something that we are proud of creating.

📚 What we learned

This app taught us a lot about mental health and different solutions that we can create around mental health for students specifically. We also learned how important it is to prioritize the features that we are basing this app off of because we learned that we didn't want to spread ourselves too thin by having so many features that it took away from the entire app because it was too confusing and an overload of information for a new user.

👣 What's next for Eko

The next steps for Eko would be to develop the app so that students can actually start using it and creating the community available to them on the platform. This would be a great time to complete more user testing on the app so that we can understand if this is really what students need and it's helpful and then from there we can begin building more features that we were interested in creating and integrate that into the app.

Built With

  • figma
  • miro
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