Prize competing for - Most Annoying Hack


Learning languages has always been a pain, but we've taken it a step further. Try your hand at beating Google at translate, with our handy chrome extension randomly converting your pages to any one of a hundred.

What it does

Covfefe Language Translator gets in the way of easily understandable English pages and translates them into a language you must learn. It can't get more interesting annoying and useful useless than this.

How I built it

With plenty of frustration and a lack of wifi. This chrome extension was built with Node.js along with the help of the Google Translate API.

Challenges I ran into

Apart from poor wifi, I would have broken fresh ground here, but Google placed a rate limit on API calls. No adaptation data for Singlish and other slang made the process a bit less fun.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Worked through the night and actually built a working chrome extension.

What I learned

Choose teammates who don't leave in the middle of the night. I also learnt how difficult machine learning problems can be, and I learnt to respect those who work with them.

What's next for covfefe language translate

Larger vocabulary translation and automatic translation without user interference.

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