Prize competing for - Best Freshman Hack / People's Choice Award / Most Entertaining Hack

What it does -

Have you heard of Reddit Sprite? What we have here is the Hack N Roll Sprite! Block Board - Utilising the beauty of block chain technology, we are able to have a platform for us express ourselves publicly in a computationally intensive way. Each user can mine to change each letter in our public board, trying to put whichever message they want to show people. And the difficulty of mining increases with the number of competitors. Our BlockBoard is perfect for both professional cause, and for purely fun and competitive purposes. Do you want your name on board? Start Mining!

How i built it

Using HTML, CSS, JS standard pack with Express server on Heroku deployment. And of course, some hint of crypto technology!

Challenges I ran into

CSS styling is very inconsistent if done wrong. Heroku server is slow and very annoying to use sometimes. Node is awesome.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have managed to set up full Client-Server-Database tech stack for the first time :D I have managed to use AJAX for server REQ

What I learned

Node is easy to make a quick prototype, but it is terrible to maintain a larget size project. ES6 is must, not optional. We should always minimize workload for browser and put every CPU intensive work in server.

What's next for BlockBoard

Maybe 10-characters sentense is too short to express people's creativity. Maybe next time, we write a crowd-written novel written word by word with BlockChain mining :P THAT'LL BE FUN!

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