We are Gamers and we are Crypto enthusiasts. Finding a good game in the blockchain world is something that's challenging. We see this as the opportunity, because:

  1. The play to Earn concept is amazing.
  2. Blockchain game = upcoming trend in gaming. More AAA game companies partake in it.
  3. Broad unexplored creative avenues in game design and programming.
  4. Strong Community bond = High Retention rate.
  5. Most blockchain games don’t rely on user experience and quality.
  6. Many famous non-gamer personas started to play and invest in the blockchain game.
  7. Good traction and recognition.
  8. Traditional gamers not familiar with blockchain
  9. Negativity towards Pay to Win model and game as a service

What it does

Eizper Chain is a blockchain multiplayer action role-playing game that contains synergy between adventure and arena battle. In the adventure part, players roam the fast world of Eizper guided enticing epic story full of twists and turn. While in the arena battle part, players may compete against each other in the battle event in the hope to get handsome rewards and recognition.

We also plan to produce Augmented Reality (AR) cards based on game characters (playable character, non-playable character, enemy) that can be connected with NFT. Each Eizper Chain NFT holder can request to have this AR card to be delivered to their home address from our marketplace, the delivery cost will be free for all NFT holders (except for airdrops NFT).

Eizper Chain will be available for Desktop and Mobile.

How we built it

The game itself is built by Unity and uses Solana blockchain for NFTs. To build the game graphics, we use several softwares like krita, fresco, sketchbook, and some other famous tools to hand-draw and design the game.

For the marketplace (this will be released later), it uses Solana web3 SDK with Solana wallet adapter where players can buy and sell any game items. also can buy Eizper (EIZ) token.

EIZ token is an on-chain game currency that players can use to buy any game items. This token also will be tradable in the exchange (next release).

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge here is to integrate Unity into the Solana blockchain, as not many unity plugins are available with the flexibility of custom implementation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All graphics, game characters, assets, weapons are hand-drawn. we use several graphics & creative software to deliver a good game design and game experience.

What we learned

We learned that keep the game quality as high as possible is something that requires very hard work from all the team (artist, designer, unity developer, blockchain developer). Therefore, this game will also be available as a real product following our release roadmap, not only for hackathon submission.

What's next for Eizper Chain: Solana ARPG Game

Our roadmap:

  1. alpha launch (Q4 2021).
  2. marketplace release before beta launch. web3 + reactJS + solana-wallet-adapter.
  3. NFT sales. we have started some NFT airdrops for our community. Pls checkout our twitter! :)
  4. Publish AR card based on NFT items in marketplace.
  5. beta launch (Q1 2022)

Some Usefull links

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posted an update

There's nothing like the feeling of working hard with your #team. When everyone is on the same page, the work is never "hard." It's always rewarding because you're helping each others.

You're making a difference. And that's what makes it worth it every day.

Cheers from Eizper Chain!


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posted an update

Hi Eizperians!

We have some of good local media coverages from our alpha event this week. Take a look some of the links below:

In Bahasa:

English content:

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