The past year has been a challenge for the whole world. Ontario has seen several lockdowns and spikes in covid-19 cases that have destroyed our province. Thousands of individuals have suffered and many have lost their lives to this deadly disease. With the countless information present and many misleading statistics, finding reliable information about the pandemic with ease has become as big a challenge as the pandemic itself. That is why we decided to create a reliable discord bot that will make this process easier for individuals by getting information from reliable sources in a few words.

What it does

Eirian will take commands from the user and scrape two websites administered by the government of Ontario. It will deliver information on new cases, active cases, deaths, and total cases for cities based on public health units. Additionally, it will provide provincial-wide statistics. Eirian also provides information on vaccine doses administered and the percentage of the population immunized.

How we built it

Eirian uses python and the external libraries Selenium and

Challenges we ran into

The creation of Erian came with many challenges. All creators had to get comfortable with selenium and discord as none of us had created a project with either library. Furthermore, extracting content from pop-ups on web pages proved to be a difficult task.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud to be able to learn and implement two new libraries within a short period of time.

What's next for Eirian

Hopefully, Eirian does not need to be updated for another pandemic. However, Eirian can still be modified to provide statistics for other fields. In the future, Eirian may have a friend in the form of another discord bot that will scrape major sport league sites for information relating to the game.

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