We are creating an MMORPG NFT game fully deployed on the Internet Computer. The game is not ready yet, but now you can walk around our first location. Characters of different races will fight against game monsters and against each other. They can form groups and alliances for greater efficiency. The more a character plays, the faster his game level and skills grow. Game attributes can be improved with weapons and equipment that can be bought or crafted using game resources. Weapons and attributes can also be bought or sold on the game Market using ICP and eGOLD. We will add updates as we achieve the development goals.

Website https://eimolad.com/

Video https://youtu.be/FK74nnI69uY

Epilogue https://medium.com/@eimolad3d/epilogue-809a65d2b4d7

History and description of the World https://medium.com/@eimolad3d/world-of-eimolad-6480403aac49

DEMO https://5qmpu-tyaaa-aaaan-qad4q-cai.raw.ic0.app/demo

Staking https://5qmpu-tyaaa-aaaan-qad4q-cai.raw.ic0.app/

Staking instructions https://medium.com/@eimolad3d/staking-eimolad-1218a7c7c01 https://medium.com/@eimolad3d/eimolad-staking-instructions-19f59d479c34

Tokenomics https://medium.com/@eimolad3d/the-economy-of-the-gaming-tokens-of-the-eimolad-833efb7d87cd

Inspiration: Internet Computer is the only blockchain on which it is possible to build an on-chain MMORPG NFT Game. I do not know of any such project

What it does: We make fun profitable

How I built it: Still developing

Challenges I ran into: problems with canisters with large files, the speed is still not high enough

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: https://h5aet-waaaa-aaaab-qaamq-cai.raw.ic0.app/post/3295652/new-token-standart-mft--mfts

What I learned: We have been studying Motoko since the beginning of 2022. You can see our progress here https://eimolad.com/

What's next for Eimolad: We want to launch MVP by the end of 2022

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