We were all young women with big dreams - we hope to help the next generation by inspiring them

What it does

Education for young women about financial responsibilities, overcoming gender barriers, mental health awareness and promoting a balanced lifestyle with a sense of community.

How we built it

We brainstormed what is missing in young women's education, and then we thought of creative ways to supplement it, we planned our and drew ideas on paper, then turned it into code - splitting up the work as designers, programmers, researchers


We ran into struggling to build an app, huge learning curve, understanding psychology and behavior of young women and how best to serve them

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The thought behind each aspect of the game, as it has implications onto researched harmful behavior and hopes to mitigate it and help young with a healthier mental and physical health.

What we learned

We all have individual skills, strengths and weaknesses - we learned how to use our strengths to the teams advantage and supplement each other's weaknesses.

What's next for Eikon

We hope to incorporate AI into the app to allow it to predict an onset of poor mental health

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