Inspiration After seeing one of the mentors run out of business cards to hand out, we thought that this app would be the perfect, practical addition to any smartphone!

What it does Our application allows you to create a digital business card and exchange it (such as through downloading it as a PDF file) as well as collect these cards in your personal wallet!

How we built it We built this program through Microsoft PowerApps and HTML.

Challenges we ran into Having no previous experience in HTML or PowerApps, we faced the challenge of learning the new material to create our application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of Our app is functional, practical, and aesthetic! SHOUTOUT TO SHANE YOUNG, THE BEST POWERAPPS TUTORIAL MAKER TO EVER EXIST!

What we learned We learned the basics of HTML and how to navigate the Microsoft Applications (including PowerApps, OneDrive, SharePoint, and more!)

What's next for eiDee In the future, we hope to further progress our application and its capabilities by developing a functional QR Scanner for our cards as well as the ability to email the card to anyone of your choosing!

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