EHealth Care System


We were inspired by the hustle and bustle of everyday life where even a second matters the most.

What It Does

An Automated Smart Health Care Web Application built on php,ajax and basic web technologies .

How We Built It

The Application uses the GOOGLE MAPS API for the location services
The user interface is very simple to understand and work with.
The technology we used includes php,ajax for backend and js,css,html for frontend

Challenges we run into

GPS implementation would be easy in android, unfortunately we didnt have an android developer on our team.
Real time movement and communncations in emergency situations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The team had a very beneficial spectrum of skills. The team believes the project couldn't have been completed if any of the members weren't present. The learning curve was also challenging, but with enough time and focus, the team was able to learn the required skills to carry this project.

What we Learned

The team learned how to work with GOOGLE MAPS API .The team Work required to implement a large scale idea into code in 30 hrs.

What's next for EHEALTH-CARE

The team is constantly trying to make EHEALTH-CARE more personable to the user. The team is also looking forward to create a android app that allows the user to use this service with more ease. Finally, the project can still be added with many more features.

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