EgoDB is an add-on to Evernote that gives you an easy way to track and visualize personal metrics.

You can add any number of templates (basically forms) for data that you want to track. Each template includes a number of fields that you fill in, and can later retrieve. For example weight, heart rate, habits or hobbies.

Are you interested in tracking and learning about yourself? Have you thought about recording your work, sleep, exercise, diet, mood, or anything else? Now you can do it in Evernote!

Our vision is to give you the best possible tool to Quantify Yourself. Frankly, this is a rough beta you are trying out, but you are a pioneer and so are we!

Expect some cool features coming soon! For example mobile apps for data input, more and better graphs, statistics and integration with your Withings, Zeo Sleeps, FitBits, or Whatevers. Our team has a strong data mining background and we are working on simple ways to help you discover cause and effect and give hints to how you can improve your performance.

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