Meet Paysenger 👋

Get up close and personal with your favourite Creators and Experts

Connect and collaborate with in-demand creative experts for a chance to earn exclusive rewards and content.

Paysenger is a collaborative social platform that allows fans and idea makers to send paid requests to creators for exclusive content, advice or expertise.

Paysenger allows idea-makers (such as sponsors and brands) to collaborate with you as a result bringing new content & ideas to reality. Give your fans a place to connect with you and support your work.

In return, you get to co-own content produced by the creators and earn revenue when the content is monetized. Moreover, the platform can also be used to find experts in various fields. You can easily book private chat or video sessions with the mentioned experts in order to benefit from their expertise.

Collaborate to bring your ideas to life

Traditional social media makes it very difficult to collaborate with creators or to promote internet content on your own.

Paysenger’s collaborative ecosystem gives everyone a chance to be a part of the creator’s economy and build a stable source of revenue by working with others.

Road map

EGO Passenger Road Map

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posted an update

  • We have added Roadmap into the project description
  • We have prepared and posted "How-to" video for blockchain newcomers with the step-by-step guide about how to connect metamask to Moonbase Alpha network, claim DEV tokens from faucet, claim their rewards from Paysenger and how to see the token balance in Metamask and Moonscan
  • Paysenger users started participation in the contest. More than 20 new unique users claimed their rewards via Smart Contract deployed on Moonbase Alpha. More users will come over next days. The on-chain activity details available here:

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posted an update

  • We have deployed Reward Distribution Smart Contract and released Reward Distribution System. First claim transactions already completed. More will come in the next days after How-To video announced
  • We have informed our Core Community, Project Ambassadors, that we are participating in the Hackaton. You can see the community support in the likes and comments about our project

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