Using a phone is Hard. you may laugh, but doesn't your grandma have the daily "phone question"? What if there is an emergency? some situations require an immediate response, and EggPress provides you with just that! One single press, and virtually anything could be done. Even if you're not a grandma, you could use a button that could text your mother that you're alive. saves a few minutes a day, a few days a year.

How it works

(In theory) The Egg contains everything it ever needs to stay alive for a few lifetimes with no errors. In theory. Upon pressing, a wireless signal is sent to the user's computer or the server, based on one's choice. Then, a custom function is called : and by custom, we mean Anything, from texting your babysitter to calling a Uber taxi ;)

Challenges we ran into

We burnt the bluetooth chip controller. we also had no idea what we were about to do before the Hackathon, but we turned out pretty well, thanks to google. Great search engine!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to come up with an interesting and interactive idea, that could hopefully help disabled people in the future. Also, we all got to know each other, which is a big plus!

What we learned

We learned a lot about Arduino, brand design and it was a lot work to do so we could accomplish what we did till now.

What's next for EggPress

We want our "EggPress" to be the next smallest, effective button that will be a daily usage to people including disabled people !

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