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I was inspired by an online game called shellshock.io. The immense popularity of it within classrooms of Los Altos High School proved it's immense and lucrative success.

What it does

My game is raw essence of the FPS shooter genre. I took out all of the cumulative changes to the genre throughout the years and turned it into an arcade-like format. This game has no traditional FPS elements, like running inaccuracy, scopes, movement limitations, or bullet physics. It is supposed to run in WebGL on a browser window, with full networking functionality. The purpose of this game is to remind the player of a raw, pristine genre that is fun and competitive.

How I built it

I built this game with the Unity game engine. I used the Unity networking features for my networking, and I used C# and Javascript to write the code.

Challenges I ran into

In the first 6 hours, my project was corrupted, meaning that I could not do anything. I did not know or understand UNET (unity networking), so I used the internet. I also consumed too much caffeine. I also did not have time for a conversion to WebGL.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of my work with networking. Previously, I found myself being completely lost with the technicalities of networking.

What I learned

I learned how to persevere through difficulties in development. I found myself on the edge of giving up when my project refused to not be corrupted. This hackathon taught me how to work on a time limit.

What's next for Egg game

I plan on moving this project to a WebGL setting so it can be easily be accessed from a browser.

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