We chose medicine and health challenges as better health is central to human happiness and well-being also if you have good health you will make important progress in all fields. This challenge is so essential especially due to presence a pandemic virus "COVID-19" that leads to many problems, one of these problems that coronavirus is rapidly spreading and contagious disease so the long distance between people is required, also there is another problem which is lack of a number of beds in the hospitals, and the unknown number of patients is a big problem, too. And that's why we chose this challenge.

What it does

Our product aims to reduce the number of corona injuries by using the Safe route feature, which prevents congestion and prevents outbreaks of Covid-19. We also provide hospitals with money, blood, plasma, and hospital donations, in turn informing users of the number of beds available and important data. We also provide a test to determine whether or not a user has an infection of corona, and that works as a preliminary indication in order for the user to know the stage of his illness and if he is exposed to a suspected corona, contact the hospital immediately, We will make our future better than nowadays and to return to our life without any losses.

How we built it

We'll make the app with Flutter and Dart. For the AI model for the "Safe Route," we will use Python and PyTorch, also Firebase ML Kit will help us more to integrate the model into our app. For integrating Firebase in our Flutter app we will use FlutterFire plugins like firebase_core. To manage the project and work together we'll use GitHub for uploading the code and we'll use GitHub Pages for the website written with the same code of the app. We will use VS Code as a Code Editor for the code of our project.

Challenges we ran into

We faced some obstacles and challenges, such as developing a strategy for our work, because this requires knowledge of electronic marketing and also in order to ensure the continuity of our application. But we did not face the problem of working in a team or communicating together, and we successfully accomplished our mission

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating an idea from start to finish is a great achievement. In addition to checking all its aspects. Also, the tremendous cooperation between us led to the greatest achievement, which is extracting the idea and incorporating it into the design and technical stage. It was a wonderful and different achievement for our ages. In fact, we are very happy with that.

What we learned

We learned a lot, such as the skill of leadership, communication, and discussion. There was great cooperation between us and the exchange of great ideas. We learned a lot about designing and creating an online application. We've also learned what artificial intelligence techniques mean and deal with Git hub and Flutter language. Also, the skill of scientific research and information gathering from reliable sources.

What's next for EG-Health

In the future, we plan to add themes, expand content, and increase technology in order to achieve the greatest benefit to society. We will become the main medical application for the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

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