As students, we often find ourselves with a different amount in our wallet and with an overload on school work, making lunch is difficult. eFood makes that challenge easy. We identified this mutual problem and set out to find a solution.

What it does (Expected)

eFood allows users to find restaurants, bars and dessert places within a custom radius of their location. These places are chosen based on the budget the user set for that search. This would allow the users to know ahead of time what meals they can have at the restaurants based on their budget. We had also decided to implement custom reviews that students would give to the restaurants for their peers to know.

What it does (Result)

eFood currently allows you to create an account with us or joining through Facebook. We have implemented the ability to customize budgets and radiuses within which the places will be chosen. Our implementation of Google Maps allows users to find their current location.

How we built it

We built it an Android Application using Android Studio. Our reason for choosing Android was because Java was the only mutual language amongst the group.

Challenges we ran into

Our challenges were numerous. Some team members had issues with either loading or installing the IDE. Half the team had not worked with Android, Android Studio, and GitHub. Some of the time was devoted to teaching and learning. In the end, we did not accomplish what we had set out to, but we will all leave having learnt something new.

What's next for eFood

eFood was a Hackathon project but an idea I personally like. We hope to continue working on this project and hopefully publish it on the Google PlayStore

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